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Ancient World – Modern Language | Gastvortrag von Dr. hab. Ewa Rudnicka (Warschau)

Am 26. Juni um 16 Uhr hält Dr. hab. Ewa Rudnicka (Artes Liberales, Universität Warschau) einen Gastvortrag und Workshop zum Thema „Ancient World – Modern Language. The linguistic traces of ancient reality in contemporary Polish language and other European languages”. Der Vortrag findet im Slavischen Institut (Katalograum, EG) statt, alle Gäste sind herzlich willkommen.


Beschreibung auf Englisch:


Ancient World – Modern Language is a lecture and workshop combining two important issues: 1. linguistic processes of forming new words and meanings and 2. the cultural meaning of Greek and Roman mythology. Thanks to this combination listeners will gain the knowledge about the influence of ancient traditions (in particular mythological names) on the vocabulary and will gain awareness of how old stories and beliefs determine the shape of a common cultural and linguistic platform for Polish people and various European nations.

Our meeting will be devoted to the analysis of lexis derived from ancient heritage, which is used and vivid in contemporary Polish and some other languages. We will look how different chosen linguistic units (originally Latin and Hellenism) are modified in form and sense by contemporary Polish people. We will take a look at names of artefacts, eponyms, proper names, phraseologies and others. Solving linguistic tasks will allow us to practice both imagination and linguistic intuition. The course has conversational and workshop form.


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Dr. Jan Czarnecki