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Rethinking the Impact of the Liberal Arts IV: Music

The third of our encounters with the legacy of the septem artes liberales (after Astronomy and Rhetoric in Cologne, and Grammar in Belgrade) reconnects here with a series of Word and Music Study Days organized previously in Edinburgh, Liège and Turin under the auspices of Prof. Peter Dayan. This time we extend the invitation for contributions to all interested scholars, in the hope of broadening the Word and Music Studies perspective with Slavic (musical, literary, theoretical) contexts. The legacy of musica as one of the artes liberales, put under control of logos, and the newer literary imitations and transformations of music, seen as means of expansion beyond the limits of logocentric rationality, will constitute the core of our investigations, discussions and cross-readings.

The two-days conference invites proposals of individual papers, workshops and concert-lectures, as well as graduate student presentations. Contributions from various methodological perspectives and institutional backgrounds are most welcome.

Please send proposals of up to 300 words together with a short biographical note (max. 200 words) to Dr Jan Czarnecki jan.czarnecki@uni-koeln.de by 21 October 2018. Individual paper presentations will be 20 minutes long to be followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Other forms of participation include: shorter student presentations, workshop proposals, concert-lectures.

Conference Date: 11-12 December 2018

Conference Venue: University of Cologne, Wahn Castle, Germany

Keynote Speakers: Prof. Philip Ross Bullock, University of Oxford

Prof. Peter Dayan, University of Edinburgh

Organisers: Dr Jan Czarnecki, University of Cologne; Dr Mina Đurić, University of Belgrade

Proposals Deadline: 21 October 2018