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Gastvortrag Prof. MIlena Kirova: German Writers of Bulgarian Origin

Am 13. Dezember um 17.45 hält Frau Prof. MIlena Kirova (Universität Sofia) einen Gastvortrag zum Thema „German Writers of Bulgarian Origin: For Whom Do They Write?“ Der Vortrag findet im Katalograum (EG) des Slavischen Instituts statt.

German Writers of Bulgarian Origin: For Whom Do They Write? The process of globalization is challenging traditional concepts of culture, including national identity of writers and national history of literature. The discourse is focused on migrating writers, especially on four of them whose background is Bulgarian and who live in a German speaking country: Dimitre Dinev (Austria), Ilija Trojanow (Germany), Sibylle Lewitscharoff (Germany) and Evelina Lambreva-Jecker (Switzerland). All of them have authored books on the Bulgarian communist past; in one way or another, these books have made them popular among German reading audience. What sort of Bulgaria do they depict? Whose Bulgaria is it, and who needs it? These are some of the questions to be discussed in this discourse.