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Мы Вас любим, мы Вас обнимаем, мы с Вами хотим сотрудничать, и сейчас мы с Вами хотим бороться за мир

You are being told that European universities exclude Russian students (it is not true!), you are being told that Russian students and scholars will be isolated. We want to work with you, but now we need to fight for peace together, to bring this war to an immediate end. We know how much more difficult it is for you, and we know that every small action that you take will be a deed for the world. 

What are we doing? 

We join zoom-conferences, faculty meetings, seminars at Russian universities. If you have login-details, please share them with us (confidentially) under youngscholarsforpeaceSpamProtectiongmail.com

We call Russian educational institutions. Please join us (nobody needs any permission), remind all scholarly institutions of what is happening every hour and ask them to do what they can do now. For telephone calls to Russia, skype offers a free subscription for one month. Every German student can call the rectorates of the major Russian universities and ask them to protect the best students and teachers—those who are now demonstrating for the end of the war. You can tell them that you know that they are being beaten and imprisinoned. Speak with them! If you wish, share the answers with us. 

Please also share your ideas what we all can do and how we can support your work for peace. 

If you are in Russia and need technical advice how to stay informed and safe, please click here.